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Loft Conversion Ideas

Deciding on converting your loft into a bedroom or something new? Here are some loft conversion ideas and how to convert that space into something that you can make better use of.

Tumbling down papers and books, old furniture parts falling about, dying couches and abused clothes, all stored in that loft! But what’s the use? Garage sales come and go but that stuff just doesn’t reduce. What it does instead is eat up all that space. That space which could’ve given you a bigger and better room or an office even! If only you had thought of some loft conversion ideas. And who says you can’t? More and more people these days prefer to convert their lofts, which they realise they don’t end up using any which way and convert them into beautiful bedrooms, offices or music rooms. Sounds awesome, right? Now who’d want to be stuck with all that space if you can’t really make use of it in the best way possible? What’s the point of storing it with junk? I’d say you should get down to it and convert the loft right up. In the following article we shall be taking you through some of the best loft conversion ideas that you can use for yourself.

Ideas for Loft Conversion

Now the loft area is not really the most structurally blessed place in the house. And by that I mean that there is a possibility of there being a sloped roof and ceiling or that there might not be the proper facilities like electric plug points and plumbing done – and obviously, why would it? But let’s not go there. You have your attic and now you want to convert it into something better. Here’s how you go about the loft conversion ideas and techniques.

Have a basic plan in mind. What do you want to convert the loft into? Bathroom? If so then can provisions for plumbing and fittings be made there? Will the loft be too inconvenient a place for a bathroom? What about an office then, do you think that’s feasible?

Study the loft and make a note of all the things that might pose a problem later. Only when you’ve studied the loft well will you be able to understand the limitations and the possibilities that the loft offers and can use the interior decorating ideas accordingly. Before you begin anything though, make sure that you have all the licenses and regulatory notes that you are required to have before you start with construction. This is the first step that needs to be followed strictly.


A bedroom is one of the most popular of loft conversion ideas that people use. A loft is right below the roof, so there’s the added advantage of the height which offers a great view. The other way in which you can use your loft space well is to construct huge windows that run from the ceiling to the floor. This will ensure that natural light is never a problem and will offer a great option for bedroom decorating ideas. You could even look into some loft bed plans, which can be easily accommodated into the loft conversion. If the loft is big enough, you can think of constructing a bathroom as well.


This one does not have to be tricky at all, provided that you want to work from home. A perfect option for mothers who prefer to have jobs and yet stay at home or even fathers who need to be around the house. Wewould urge you to look into the idea of having room dividers and making a separate entrance to the office if at all that option is available. This will help you to maintain a distinction between the house and the office.

Living Room

Another great idea to be looking into for a loft conversion idea is a new living room. There’s always a dearth of space in the house? Imagine if you could just convert the loft into an exclusive living area – fitted with TV, music systems and the like. A place for entertainment and hanging out with friends and family. A perfect option after you spruce it up with some living room decorating ideas.

Music Room

Perfect solution for music enthusiasts and just starting out musicians. The loft is way up there so it does not lead to any disturbances for other family members. If that is not the problem any way and you’re really good at what you play, then this should be a great plan! You don’t ever have to use make-shift practice places like garages and old rooms anymore!

Craft of Hobby Room

All you need for this purpose is a work area and storage for your supplies. A simple drafting table and stool will be adequate for many types of crafts, such as scrapbooking and stamping. Storage units on casters let you customise the work arrangement however it suits you.

Play Room

Even if the ceiling is low, a play loft for children is a great way to get their toys and games out of the main living space of the home. Carpet on the floor will muffle noise and you should consider if the location of the loft is convenient: For example, you won’t want it over a great room where noise interfere with other activities. The loft must also be safe with a railing and building code approved stairway access.


If you crave a space of your own to curl up with a good book, the loft could be your dream come true. You’ll need little more than a comfortable chair and ottoman, bookcase, lamp, blanket and a side table for a cup of tea. Add a CD player and earphones if you want to listen to music.

Extra Closet Space

Turn a portion or all of your loft into a deluxe walk-in closet complete with organisers for all your shoes, bags, scarves, belts and clothes along with mirror and a dressing table to make getting organised and getting dressed a pleasure you look forward to each morning.

Home Office

Bring in a desk, filing cabinets, lighting, computer and bookshelves and you have a quiet place to conduct family business or catch up on your email. Because the loft is out of your home’s public area, visitors can’t see whether your desk is obsessively neat or creatively messy.

Game Room

Just as with a play room for children, if noise isn’t an issue with regard to its location, your loft can make a great play room for the gamers in the family who love to let loose with a fun video game or Wii system. Using earphones will help cut down on the noise factor.